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You’re a Winner – No Matter What They Say!

19 Nov You’re a Winner – No Matter What They Say!

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December 13th – How to create a winning commercial

“Congratulations on having a winning entry.  Click here to see how you placed and how much money you’ve won”  How would you like to have that email hit your inbox?

For Daniel Howell that has happened enough times for him to amass over $20,000 in cash prizes.   Daniel hasn’t won by accident.  He’s placed in 60% of the contests that he’s entered and in some cases he’s won multiple prizes in a single contest.  There’s a method to his winning strategy.

Luckily for you, he’s going to be teaching you how he does it on Sunday, December 13th at 6pm.

You’d be crazy to miss this one- where else could you learn how to make thousands of extra dollars using a skill you already have?

After his talk, we’re going to have a short film showcase of- your films!  To get your film shown just submit it to omar@orlandofilmmaker.com.  If you send in a short please make sure that you attend.  Seeing your film before an audience is very important for every filmmaker.  Feel free to submit anything that you’ve made that is under 10 minutes.  Commercials, documentaries, narratives, PSAs, etc. can all be submitted.  Don’t hold back!

I hope to see you guys there:
October 13, 2015 at 6pm
New Location!!!
Hospital Church, Room 105
2800 N. Orange Ave
Orlando, FL 32804

– Stanley Pomianowski

P.S. Please share this message with anyone that would be interested in the art of filmmaking!

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