Orlando Filmmaker | We’re going to make a short film April 9th!
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We’re going to make a short film April 9th!

18 Mar We’re going to make a short film April 9th!

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April 9th – Orlando Filmmaker Workshop!

We’re going to make a short film!!!
I’ve been receiving requests to do something a little more interactive for the next Orlando Filmmaker meetup so instead of a lecture (which have all been awesome!) we’re going to make a short film together!

But not just any short film.  YOUR short film.

Submit your short script to me at stanley@orlandofilmmaker.com and I will select this month’s short film.

Here’s what I’m looking for in the “winning” entry:

  • Theme: Being broke or poor
  • Short- 1-5 pages!
  • One location
  • Simple
    • Minimal props
    • Attainable location
    • Accessible props
    • Few actors

Submit your scripts by April 1st!

Also, RSVP that you’ll be coming AND what gear you can bring AND which crew position you’d like to be at.  Here’s an example of some cast/crew positions (actor, director, producer, director of photography, gaffer, grip, sound, etc.)

If this works out we will do these short films more often, so don’t feel bad if yours isn’t selected this time.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

– Stanley

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