Orlando Filmmaker | October Recap
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October Recap

16 Oct October Recap

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October 11 – Information Explosion!

“I feel like I’m sitting on an atom bomb that’s about to explode!” (Bonus points if you know what film I’m quoting” – reply to me what the answer is!”

I’m not sure what’s up with this above gif, but like this alien/girl we had our minds blown from the amount of info that Enrico Marcellino, Creative Director of Video at Florida Hospital, dropped on our heads.

I took extensive notes and left completely inspired to go conquer some more corporate videos!

Enrico walked us through how he changed his department for the better and about his creative process.

After Enrico answered some questions we had our film showcase.

Up first was a commercial shot by Daniel Howell and edited by your’s truly. Check it out here: Karen’s Story
(side note: You can win tons of cash like Daniel and I have on the site that the video is on.  To learn all of Daniel and I’s secrets on how we’ve won $19,500 go to ReelCrashCourse.com and download our free cheat sheet.)

Next we had a 60 minutes style video about an amazing story that you won’t see on any mass media sites.  Watch the video to find out why. Alive 20 Years Later.

After that, we had the opportunity to learn about female motocross duration racer.  None of us saw the ending coming! Jennifer Sheppard: Dirt Enthusiast  Hint: it’s more than a documentary and was for a client!

Then, Josue entertained us with this Spanish language short for kids about the children of Israel. Moses

You wouldn’t like Omar when he’s angry or at least the subjects in his short film Hulk-ish.

We had one other entry but decided to wait until the next showcase to present it since the filmmaker wasn’t able to make it out.

I look forward to seeing you guys again next time on November 8th!

– Stanley Pomianowski

P.S. Enrico gave me permission to give you his contact info.  Enrico.Marcellino@flhosp.org (407) 473-1729

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