Orlando Filmmaker | Learn the Secrets of Writing Shorts
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Learn the Secrets of Writing Shorts

06 Jan Learn the Secrets of Writing Shorts

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Learn The Secrets of Writing Compelling Shorts

Hey Orlando Filmmakers,
Have you ever struggled to get your ideas onto paper?  Have you had a perfect film in your head but when you write it down, it just, well… isn’t very good?

In this day and age, you might only get one good shot at fundraising or “making it” and so you need to best script possible.  

Luckily for you and me, successful story-telling has been analyzed over and over and a bunch of scholars have written countless books about the topic.  But who has the time to read ALL those books?  

Well, I haven’t read ALL of them, but I’ve spent most of my 10-year career studying the facets of what makes a good story work.  And with that knowledge, I’m proud to be the next Orlando Filmmaker presenter.  I’ll be giving a talk on the shortcuts that I’ve learned to help you:

  • How to transform one sentence or a logline into your film
  • How to brainstorm to get the best possible idea
  • The 5 things every scene/short film needs
  • Ways to make your writing LOOK professional even if it’s your first screenplay

Phew! As you can see that is a jam-packed talk, so bring your notebooks and get ready to get a ton of useful info!  And if you know me, you know we’re going to have a fun, interactive time working on it. Don’t be late or you might miss some good stuff!

I hope to see you guys there:
January 10, 2016
Florida Hospital Church
2800 N. Orange Ave
Orlando, FL
Room 105

– Stanley Pomianowski

P.S. – please share this message with anyone that might be interested in the learning how to tell great stories.

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