Orlando Filmmaker | I’ve been working on getting this speaker for a while!
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I’ve been working on getting this speaker for a while!

26 Jan I’ve been working on getting this speaker for a while!

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February 21 – 6pm

Those of you that were at the last filmmaker meetup heard that I was working on getting a certain someone to be our next speaker.

This gentleman just happens to be someone who:

  • Has done PR work for big directors (Requiem for a Dream, The Usual Suspects)
  • Produced an indie film and secured distribution getting his film into theaters
  • Teaches film business at a prestigious school
  • & probably more really cool stuff

So, I’m very excited to announce to you that none other than Nathan Nazario, producer of indie romance “Old Fashioned” will be our next presenter.

Stay posted and I’ll be sending you more details on the talks as we get closer to February 21.

After his talk, we’re going to have a short film showcase of- your films!  To get your film shown just submit it to omar@orlandofilmmaker.com.  (please send a public presentation copy and a downloadable copy)
If you send in a short please make sure that you attend.  Seeing your film before an audience is very important for every filmmaker.  Feel free to submit anything that you’ve made that is under 10 minutes.  Commercials, documentaries, narratives, PSAs, etc. can all be submitted.  Don’t hold back!

I hope to see you guys there:
February 21, 2016 at 6pm
Florida Hospital Church
2800 N. Orange Ave
Orlando, FL

– Stanley Pomianowski

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