Orlando Filmmaker | Face it, your film stinks.
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Face it, your film stinks.

19 Oct Face it, your film stinks.

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Why do your films stink?

“Whoa Stanley, I think you’re being kind of rude!  My films win awards!”  Well, maybe I am being a little rude, but let’s all take a moment to realize that none of us emerged from the womb with perfect storytelling techniques and complete mastery of how to light and use a camera.  Everybody starts from somewhere.  “My parents always loved my work!”  Fine, fine, you’re awesome!  Listen, we can all improve on what we’re doing.  Getting better at our art is a journey, not a destination (insert your own cliche phrase if you wish).

If you’re like me you probably don’t have the budget to hire A-list stars for your project.  You may have saved up to buy that $30k camera, got your friends to help you shoot and light it perfectly, but when you said, “Action” everything fell flat.  The thing that’s making your projects stink is the bad acting.  You’re friends and relatives usually aren’t the best actors and it is taking your whole project down.

So, I’m proud to announce to you that the next Orlando Filmmaker Meetup is going to feature Lynda Stein.  She’s going to help you kick butt directing actors on your next shoot even if you are a one-man-band (or one-woman-band; maybe we should just say one-human-band?).  Her talk is titled, “The Beginning, Middle and End of Getting Non-Film Actors to Act”.

You can find out more about Lynda on her site: www.LyndaStein.com

Set your reminders for Sunday, November 8th 6-8pm.

C-ya there!

– Stanley Pomianowski

P.S. Please share this message with anyone that is interested in filmmaking.

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