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Orlando Filmmaker is the digital resource for filmmakers in the Orlando or Central Florida area.  The growing list of filmmakers meet monthly to get inspired and learn more about filmmaking.

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OrlandoFilmmaker.com is currently owned and operated by Stanley Pomianowski.

Stanley currently owns or co-owns two companies.  Standan Productions is a local production company that specializes in video marketing and corporate video solutions.  Standan is co-owned with his business partner Daniel Howell.  In 2015 Daniel and Stanley set out to help other filmmakers achieve financial success.  They created a crash course in winning commercial contests on sites like Zooppa.com or Tongal.com.  You can sign up for the currently waitlisted course at TheReelCrashCourse.com

Stanley also owns Quick Tip King, a site that features 90 second tutorials on how to use Final Cut Pro x.  Frustrated with unnecessarily long tutorials, Stanley set out to make his own quick and to the point tutorials.

In addition to writing and editing Stanley is also an award winning actor (Best Cast 2014 Orlando 48 Hour Film Festival).  He’s especially good at playing the outliers and the unusual characters.  You can see his acting portfolio on the aptly named site TheAwkwardActor.com

Contact Stanley with the form below or by emailing him at stanley@orlandofilmmaker.com

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